Totalcare produces most reports in a separate module called Reportcare. This module contains hundreds of different reports and report variations. Reports can be previewed on the screen, printed, or saved to a disk file. Many reports additionally represent information using 2D and 3D graphs.

Third party report writers such as Crystal reports can also be used to extract and analyse the information stored in Totalcare.

A small number of the many reports in Reportcare are listed below.

Service audit Printed audit of all services
Service distribution Analyse services by number recorded, percentage of all services, or graphical comparison
Financial summary Analyse all billings, receiptings and adjustments in a given period and (optionally) compare this to another period.
Payments audit Audit all received payments
Adjustments audit Audit all adjustments, discounts and writeoffs
Fee type analysis of receipts Analyse all receipts by fee type (eg. Bulk billed, DVA, MBS, Private, etc.)
Frequency analysis of receipts Analyse the number and percentage of debtors who pay on the same day
Debt analysis Aged debt analysis by practice defined aging periods (eg. 30/60/90+ days)
Statements Print full itemised statements
Reminder letters Print reminder letters for overdue debtors
Patient distribution Analyse patients by family, provider, locality or postcode
Patient listing and merge files Print patient lists and create Patient merge files
Recall documents Create recall letters or recall phone lists
Referral analysis Analyse the number of referrals recorded during each week/month/quarter/year.
Referral provider analysis Analyse the top ‘x’ referrers
Booking analysis Analyse appointments
Waitroom time analysis Analyse average, minimum, maximum and median waiting, consultation and treatment times.