Patient Registration

The Patient registration screen is used to capture and manage demographic information about a patient. Totalcare can store a large amount of information about each patient, but only a minimal subset needs to be entered to register a patient.

Some of the key features of Totalcare’s patient registration and management are,

  • Fast and efficient data entry.
  • Preferred and Legal names.
  • Extended demographics such as Marital status, Place of Birth, Indigenous/Islander status, Language, etc.
  • Multiple addresses.
  • Multiple phone numbers including email, fax and pager numbers.
  • Family linkages – links family members to a ‘group’.
  • Debt assignment path by family (Self payer, Dependant, Head of family) and/or linked other payer (Third party or other patient).
  • Usual provider, location, appointment plan and fee type preferences.
  • User defined General, Medical and Financial alerts including a Priority (Popup) alert indicator.
  • User defined Recalls.
  • Referrals.
  • Notes.
  • User defined fields.
  • Labels and Cover sheets.
  • Multiple different record numbering systems including RACGP, numeric and alphanumeric systems.
  • Patient search by Surname, Given name(s), Date of birth, File number, UR number, Medicare number, or address.
  • Medicare Online Patient verification for DVA and Medicare card details