Totalcare Launches Automated Document Import Module

Brisbane, Queensland – 27 February 2015 - Equipoise (International) Pty LTD (EQI) today officially launched, Totalcare “Dvorak”, an automated document import module using barcode recognition and matching.   

“Dvorak” extends the functionality of Totalcare Documents with support for automated detection and recognition of barcodes in scanned documents.  The barcodes, either attached as labels or printed directly as part of a document, identify the patient and type of document.  "Dvorak" runs as an unattended server process that automatically processes documents as they are received, taking a fraction of a second to detect, analyse, match and import a document.

Nat Wong, EQI’s Managing Director, said that the module was developed as part of EQI’s ongoing response to the increasing demand to provide the Australian and international healthcare industry the productivity measures required to be a competitive provider of exceptional health care.

From a business perspective, the productivity improvement that this module brings to our clients is significant.  Paper is still prevalent in healthcare, whether in an administrative or clinical capacity, and even otherwise paperless environments still receive paper documents from patients and a multitude of other sources.  Managing that volume of paper efficiently, converting it automatically to a digital form, and then making it available in a timely manner to clinicians and administrative staff, is a key enabler of efficient quality health care.

Mr Wong recognises that having key partnerships with clients has enhanced the development of the software since 1994. In particular, Mr Wong acknowledged Dr Paul Plűss of Pindara Emergency Centre for his involvement in the development of the document import module.

Open for business 24/7, every aspect of our software must provide Pindara Emergency, as with all our clients, fast and efficient administrative and clinical workflows.  Pindara Emergency has always been at the forefront of using technology to enhance their processes and their uptake of the barcoding technology is no different.  Smart solutions adopted by smart people.

Dr Paul Plűss of Pindara Emergency Centre, Australia’s first private Emergency Service and a Totalcare client of some 20 years, was the first client to take up the module having partnered in its final stage development.  Dr Plűss confirmed the new module has provided workplace efficiencies through its seamless integration to their existing suite of Totalcare products.

This has somewhat surprisingly proved itself to be the favourite utility in the whole Totalcare suite by many of the staff! All our written and typed paper-work, including correspondence, nursing observation sheets, financial and privacy consents are scanned at reception and then discarded. Within seconds these documents are identified by barcode and incorporated in the patient’s medical file. The system is completely automated and has a 100% success rate, even when patient labels are upside down or sideways. Dvorak has proved to be an enormous time saver and has completely eliminated the laborious, tedious and time consuming tasks of filing and/or manually matching scanned documents.


General Information

Totalcare is a fully integrated Clinical, Office and Management software suite which provides a total business solution for a diverse range of clientele within the healthcare industry.  From General and Specialist practice to distributed, multi site, multi disciplinary Enterprises and Hospitals, its stability, scalability, customisability and intuitive workflow processes has resulted in it becoming one of Australia’s preferred health management software suppliers.

Equipoise (International) Pty Ltd is the developer and supplier of the Totalcare medical software suite.  It has been used since 1994 by a diverse range of health care facilities including general and specialist practices, allied health, radiology, day surgeries and hospitals. 


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