Totalcare Liszt

Totalcare “Liszt” provides support for live video and still image capture. It is an integrated hardware and software package incorporating Touch screen technology, high performance capture hardware, and specialised software for capturing live video and still images into the Totalcare Document repository.

The most common use for Totalcare “Liszt” is for capturing video from Endoscopy machines, however any device providing a video output can be integrated.

Some of the notable features of Liszt are,

  • High resolution preview of live video.
  • Select from multiple video sources.
  • Record live video while simultaneously taking image snapshots.
  • Import captured video and still images directly into a Patient’s medical record for subsequent review.
  • Write reports that merge captured images
  • Select patients individually or from an Appointments, Waitroom or Task list.
  • Burn video and images to DVD

"We chose 'Liszt' when installing our new Endoscopy system to provide seamless integration with our patient database and provide the ability to easily edit our notes. Our workflow is now extremely efficient and the Admin staff can instantly scan for typos and release our documents the same or next day. A fantastic side benefit is that our patients can now view fullhigh definition images while having their follow-up visit, which truly enhances patient communication." 

Dr Rob Schreiber
Consultant General/Oncologic Surgeon
Mater Hospital Gladstone