Marketing and Loyalty

The Marketing and Loyalty module provides support to record and manage information about patient/client contacts. This information includes data such as When, Why, and from Where and from Whom a patient/client was introduced. Some of the interesting features of this module are,

  • Record the reason for a patient/client contacting your practice, and the method that they used to ‘find’ the practice.
  • Search for people or providers who have offered to acts as references by a locality or post code.
  • Create different Media types (e.g. Billboard, Direct mail, TV, Word of mouth).
  • Create different Media sources (e.g. Yellow pages, Courier Mail, Channel 10).
  • Create different Media collateral (e.g. Printed advertisements, TV commercials) including costs.
  • Create unlimited advertisements that are categorised by media type, source, collateral and costs.
  • Create marketing Campaigns that consist of multiple advertisements.
  • Create loyalty schemes to reward people or organisations who recommend clients to your practice.
  • Comprehensive “Response analysis” reports to analyse responses to campaigns, cost per response, and responses that converted to appointments.
  • Comprehensive “Loyalty scheme” reports to analyse introductions and reward eligibility including merge file creation.