Health Information Management

Totalcare’s Health Information Management module - TotalHIM - provides comprehensive and sophisticated support for managing both internal and external reporting and analysis requirements. Some of the key features of this module are listed below.

  • Clinical coding incorporating the full ICD10 coding database.
  • Integrated DRG grouper.
  • Different DRG versions can be specified for each health fund.
  • Multiple DRGs per episode support simultaneous reporting to statutory health authorities and health funds that require different DRG versions.
  • Automated and seamless transition between ICD10 code sets, DRG versions, State, HCP and PHDB versions as recording and reporting requirements change.
  • Create electronic extracts for State health departments, Private Hospital Data Burea (PHDB), Hospital Casemix Protocol (HCP), and DVA.
  • Comprehensive data checks provide visual cues to clinical coders to manage outstanding tasks.
  • Cancer registry module incorporating a sophisticated rule engine to determine cancer registry notifications.
  • Detailed reports including Admission, DRG and Resource utilisation analysis.