Pindara Emergency Centre

Pindara Emergency Centre was the first private Emergency Service in Australia and we have been using the Totalcare suite of medical software for nearly 20 years. It has proved itself to be a reliable, progressive and integral part of our service.
We operate 24 hours per day and the Totalcare suite works around the clock, day after day all year long. Our backups are even done several times per day with no down time, allowing business to go on as usual.
Every aspect of the suite is valued by the staff using it. We have a large pool of receptionists and they find Totalcare simple to learn, and fast and efficient to use.
Many of our doctors work at various other practices and Emergency Centres. Year after year, all these docs compliment our clinical package, Mozart, as the best medical software they have encountered. It has a well thought out layout and workflow and is a pleasure to use. It has all past medical details, correspondence, reports and results instantly available and enables us to quickly generate documents and process patients.
All correspondence, pathology and radiology results are automatically received and filed in the patient file and flagged for review by the requesting doctor. It is a real time saver for reception staff. As a doctor it is great to have all these results so readily and immediately available.
Our most recent addition is the automated barcode reading and document management module called Dvorak. This has somewhat surprisingly proved itself to be the favourite utility in the whole Totalcare suite by many of the staff! All our written and typed paper-work, including correspondence, nursing observation sheets, financial and privacy consents are scanned at reception and then discarded. Within seconds these documents are identified by barcode and incorporated in the patient’s medical file. The system is completely automated and has a 100% success rate, even when patient labels are upside down or sideways. Dvorak has proved to be an enormous time saver and has completely eliminated the laborious, tedious and time consuming tasks of filing and/or manually matching scanned documents. It is great!
The support staff at Totalcare, although rarely required, are also a delight to deal with. The consistently provide speedy and excellent support. It has been a pleasure to partner with Totalcare and I am delighted to recommend them

Dr Paul Plüss
Pindara Emergency Centre, Benowa QLD