Barcodes and Scanning

Totalcare “Dvorak” extends the functionality of Totalcare Documents with support for automated detection and recognition of barcodes in scanned documents. The barcodes in these scanned documents are used to identify Patients and the type of Document.  "Dvorak" runs as an unattended server process that automatically analyses and processes documents as they are scanned.

Key features of this module are,

  • Automatic determination of a Patient record by Patient URN, MRN, File ID or other Patient identification barcode
  • Automated determination of Document type by Form identification barcode
  • Support for multiple barcodes, multiple symbologies, any orientation
  • Support for regions of interests across one or more pages.
  • Exception handling workflow for unmatched documents


Client quotes

All our written and typed paper-work, including correspondence, nursing observation sheets, financial and privacy consents are scanned at reception and then discarded. Within seconds these documents are identified by barcode and incorporated in the patient’s medical file. The system is completely automated and has a 100% success rate, even when patient labels are upside down or sideways. Dvorak has proved to be an enormous time saver and has completely eliminated the laborious, tedious and time consuming tasks of filing and/or manually matching scanned documents. It is great!

Dr Paul Plüss
Pindara Emergency Centre, Benowa QLD