Totalcare Documents

The core Totalcare suite can be extended by adding Document management capability. Collectively known as "Totalcare Documents", these modules support the creation, review, import, and management of an unlimited number of multimedia documents.

The Typists module "Totalcare.NExT Bach" creates documents based on user defined templates. These templates can be used to extract almost any information from the Totalcare database to write letters, reports, etc. Some of the features of Bach are,

  • Author and editor differentiation.
  • Multimedia content.
  • Reference tags (Description, abstract, keyword, etc.).
  • Security control (Restrict document display by user group, security level, etc.).
  • Document tracking and Workflow management.
  • An integrated word processor that includes Autotext and Spell checking. Documents created in the word processor can be saved in Word (DOC and DOCX), RTF or HTML format, that does not require a separate Word Processor to be installed.
  • Integrated Australian and 250,000 word Medical dictionary
  • User defined document templates.
  • Print envelopes.
  • Electronically send via secure messaging carriers such as Medical Objects and Argus
  • Assign interested parties to each document.
  • Document thumbnails
  • Optional Auditing of all printing and sending operations.
  • Configuration and Personalisation by Workstation, User, Organisational structure

The Workbench module "Totalcare.NExT Chopin" includes Document preview and import of scanned and other documents. Some its features include,

  • Preview of almost any Document type including Word, PDF, Images, Video, DICOM
  • Batch import of Documents by Type
  • Single click import of Documents into a selected Patient's folder

The Totalcare Documents module also includes the capability for automated import and association of letters and reports downloaded from external transcription services. The Document management functionality can be further extended with integrated supported for automatically Barcodes and Scanning.