The Billing module contains many powerful and useful features wrapped up in a simple interface. Totalcare can simultaneously bill multiple patients with different fee types and debtors and produce invoice and vouchers on diverse printers.

Some of the features of the Billing module are,

  • Fast and efficient data entry.
  • Accounts can be addressed to the patient, head of family, third party organisation or any nominated payee including automatic support for postal addresses and deceased estates.
  • Automatically calculate fee and rebate amounts.
  • Integrated private, bulk billing and third party invoicing.
  • Multiple patients, providers and visits can be included on the one invoice.
  • Multiple item schedules including MBS, DVA, AMA, Health funds, Workcover and practice defined items.
  • Customisable fee rules to bill at a dollar or percentage offset to an item schedule either generally or by item range.
  • Automatic calculation of derived fees for Surgical Assistance, Multiple Patient visits (Nursing home, Hospital and Home visits), Abatements (Procedural, Anaesthetic, Vascular ultrasound, MRI, Workcover).
  • Automatic application of Diagnostic Imaging rules A, B and C.
  • Automatic application of Pathology coning rules.
  • Hospital billing support for Banded Fees, Case payments, DRG and Tiered Length of Stay.
  • Discounts.
  • Quotes.
  • Work in progress and Queued Billing.
  • Third party injury incidents.
  • Service comments.