The Admissions module manages the tracking of all Admissions and Separations across all facilities managed by Totalcare. The key features of this module include,

  • Support for Pre Admissions, Admissions, Separations and Transfers.
  • Fully integrated with the Appointment scheduling and Waitroom tracking modules.
  • Sophisticated Billing rules support varied fee arrangements, including fee for service (item fees and Theatre band billing) and fee for case/episode (Case Items, DRG Cases, Tiered LOS billing).
  • Link multiple theatre episodes
  • Electronic Certificates
  • Clinical Indicators
  • Support for multiple changes in Accommodation type and Charging
  • Support for Leave tracking
  • LOS Support for early readmission
  • Attach and track the assignment and utilisation of multiple resources per admission including people, equipment (eg. Ventilators, TVs, Phones), Theatres, ICU/CCU, Chairs, etc.
  • Print Hospital claim forms using either a single or multi pass print workflow.
  • Print Admission and Patient Identification labels including bar codes.